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We take great pride in being the industry leader in customizable courseware.

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We are a leading provider of customizable training materials, enabling customers to deliver high quality and engaging content to their staff or students, using proven materials that can be edited to suit any training situation or audience.


Study in the United Kingdom

A degree from a UK institution is a passport to professional success. Wherever in the world you choose to pursue your career, a degree from a university in the United Kingdom is internationally respected and considered a quality education.


UK Student Visa Requirements

verything you need to know about UK Visas The visa you need will depend on your age and the type of study you want to do.


Money and living expenses

Make the most of your money You want to enjoy a healthy and happy study life in the UK. Knowing how much you need to for living expenses is a great starting point.


Introducing Virtual-Campus-in-a-box

Create and sell beautiful courses online in your very own online school. This virtual-campus-in-a-box platform gives you everything you need set up an online virtual school or corporate university.


The new way of authoring eLearning


Rapid eLearning is too slow - eLearning professionals today want Instant eLearning. Imagine dragging and dropping your electronic files into a technology that automatically converts this into SCORM-compliant eLearning. Well, now you can.


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Customizable Courseware

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Create eLearning interactions and microlearning with ease using customizable games and engaging activities. Igloo empowers you to create, share and reuse rich and interactive eLearning activities without the need to know programming.

Customizable, instructor-led courseware

Imagine having high-quality training courses that you can edit in anyway you like. We say it’s like you fell asleep at the computer and awoke to find someone had written the perfect custom course for you - with all the accompanying resources.

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Everything you need to run your own eLearning business in one solution starting at $499/month (including unlimited users).


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